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Deluxe Breakfast
Our most popular breakfast selection. Assortment includes: mini savoury croissant, mini quiche tartlet, mini muffin and mini Danish pastry.

$12.99 per serve
(3 items per serve)

Mini Danish Pastries
Baked fresh daily with tasty fruit toppings. Assortment may include:
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Almond
  • Cinnamon Spiced Apple 
$3.70 per item

NEW Moroccan Nights
a classic combination made better, with dried Moroccan figs and crunchy fresh Australian pecans in a muffin, topped with goey caramel!  
*Please note this product contains nuts

$3.70 per item

NEW Brazilian Choc
a classic combination made better, with quality chocolate pieces and crunchy fresh Australian pears in a muffin!  

$3.70 per item

NEW Bahama Mama
a refreshing tropical flavour with glazed pineapple and roasted coconut in a muffin!  

$3.70 per item

NEW Island Paradise
the richness of brown sugar combined with creamy coconut milk and the delicate aroma of cinnamon powder in a muffin!  

$3.70 per item

NEW Berry Blue
a smooth combination of melted white chocolate and fresh Australian blueberries in a muffin!

$3.70 per item

NEW Muffins in a Box
Can't decide which flavour?  Choose the Muffins in a Box to try them all! 

$3.80 per item
24 items per box
Min. 1 box

Breakfast Mini Tortillas

A tantalizing selection of delicious mini tortillas toasted and served warm!  Filled with your choice of Bacon, Ham OR Vegie

$6.10 per item
(Receive 1 whole mini tortilla per item)
Min. 6 items

Healthy Breakfast Cups

Yummy breakfast cups comprising of fresh vanilla yoghurt and your choice of the following:
-oats with vanilla yoghurt, green apple, apricot, almonds and honey
-muesli with vanilla yoghurt and mixed berries (Gluten Free)

$5.99 per item
Min. 6 items per variety

2, 3
Item is available for: vegetarian Vegetarian
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