Gourmet Cheese, Fruit & Crackers
A selection of gourmet cheese with freshly sliced seasonal fruit, an assortment of crackers, accompanied with dried fruit and garnish.

$11.99 per serve
(Min. 4 serves)

Traditional Fruit Platter
A stunning selection of seasonal fruit brought together to inspire healthy eating at all times of the day. Accompanied by fruit yoghurt dip.

$6.80 per serve
(Min. 4 serves)

Cheese and Fruit Combo
An appetizing cheese platter with freshly sliced seasonal fruit and tasty crackers, accompanied with garnish.

$9.99 per serve
(Min. 4 serves)

Stone Fruit, Coconut & Poached Pear
A combination of seasonal stone and poached fruit with fresh coconut shavings, served with individual warm vanilla bean custard pots.

$13.90 per serve
(Min. 8 serves)

NEW Gourmet Cheese Board

An indulgent assortment of deluxe cheese with almond bread, water crackers, dried fruit, nuts and seasonal garnish.

$13.90 per serve 
(Min. 6 serves)

Fresh Fruit Skewers
Fresh seasonal fruit pieces skewered for easy handling. Accompanied by fruit yoghurt dip.

$3.99 per item
(Min. 10 items)

Gourmet Cheese and Crackers
A wide selection of delicious gourmet cheese and an assortment of water crackers, accompanied with garnish.

$9.99 per serve
(Min. 6 serves)

NEW Fruit Box
A selection of whole, un-cut fresh fruits brought to your door at your specified time/s.

$39.99 per box
(25 pieces per box)

A delicious snack any time of the day! Grissini sticks, Spiced Tortilla Triangles, Turkish bread toasties, Herb and Cheese Twists with hummus and caviar dip.

$9.99 per serve
(Min. 10 serves)

Tropical Fruit
The ultimate selection of fresh tropical fruit, stylishly presented and created to impress. Accompanied by mixed nuts & fruit yoghurt dip.

$11.90 per serve. (Min. 10 serves)

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