Petite Vegie Roll (vegan)

Grilled capsicum, zuchinni, falafel, tomato chutney

$6.15 each


Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll (vegan)

Vegetarian - A combination of fresh vegies and noodles.  Served with our Signature Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce.

$3.99 per item
(min. 15 items)


Vegan Lunch Box A
Mediterranean Pasta Salad, Crostini, Baby Spinach Salad

$19.99 per box


Vegan Lunch Box B
Chickpea Couscous, Fresh Fruit, Garden Salad

$18.99 per box


Vegan Fudge Brownie Bar

This amazingly delicious chocolate brownie combines zucchini and walnuts to create a scrumptious fudgy brownie.  It is topped with chocolate ganache and a sprinkling of seeds.  Egg free and dairy free recipe.

$7.99 per serve
3 pieces per serve
(Min. 6 serves)

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