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NEW Sweets Assortment
Finally, a platter of sweet assortments to ‘impress’. Range includes an assortment of biscuits, gourmet slices, mini muffins and cake slices.

$11.90 per serve 
(4 items per serve)
(Min 4 serves)

NEW House-made Scones

Our house-made, freshly baked plain scones, a definite crowd pleaser! Delicious any time of day.  
Served with house-made butter, fruit conserve and freshly whipped cream.
(Please note:  Our scones are plain - without raisins)

$3.70 per item
(Min. 12 items)

NEW Salted Caramel Buttermilk Scones

Enjoy our house-made classic scones with a modern twist!  Smothered in luscious caramel fudge and sprinkled with tangy salt flakes.  A house favourite!

Served with a whipped vanilla cream, house-made butter & fruit preserve.
$3.90 per item
Min. 12 items

NEW Moroccan Nights
a classic combination made better, with dried Moroccan figs and crunchy fresh Australian pecans in a muffin, topped with goey caramel!  
*Please note this product contains nuts

$3.90 per item

NEW Brazilian Choc
a classic combination made better, with quality chocolate pieces and crunchy fresh Australian pears in a muffin!  

$3.90 per item

NEW Bahama Mama
a refreshing tropical flavour with glazed pineapple and roasted coconut in a muffin!  

$3.90 per item

NEW Berry Blue
a smooth combination of melted white chocolate and fresh Australian blueberries in a muffin!
Available as Gluten Free @ 0.20c extra per serve - please request

$3.90 per item

NEW Muffins in a Box
Can't decide which flavour?  Choose the Muffins in a Box to try them all! 

$4.10 per item
24 items per box
Min. 1 box

NEW Berry White Friand
The bitter-sweet of blueberries matched with white chocolate in this awesome almond meal base, finished off with a handful of caramelised popped corn.

$4.90 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW Island Paradise
the richness of brown sugar combined with creamy coconut milk and the delicate aroma of cinnamon powder in a muffin!  

$3.90 per item

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