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NEW Sandwich & Wrap Combo Platter

A combination of Executive Point Sandwiches and Wraps filled with a variety of fillings including meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian. 

$11.90 per serve
(Receive 1/2 a wrap and 1 (4 points) executive point sandwich per serve)
(We recommend 1.5 serves per attendee)

Petite Chicken Caesar Roll
A mini roll enriched with Roast Chicken breast, bacon, cos lettuce, boiled egg and smothered with Caesar dressing.
(Recommended: 2 per person)

$4.99 each

Petite Salmon Roll
A mini roll enriched with Smoked salmon, oak lettuce, fresh cucumber, dill leaves, lemon zest and smothered with cream cheese.
(Recommended: 2 per person)

$4.99 each

Toasted Tortilla Wraps

A mouth-watering variety of tortillas, toasted to perfection and served warm.  Filled with your choice of
Teriyaki Chicken
Slow Cooked Lamb
Chicken Schnitzel
Roast Beef
Premium Ham
Four Cheese

$8.70 per round 
(Receive 1 whole wrap, cut into half per round)
(Min. 4 wraps per variety)

Petite Vegie Rolls

A mini roll enriched with falafel, grilled capsicum, zucchini, oak lettuce and smothered with a rich tomato chutney.
(Recommended: 2 per person)

$4.99 each

NEW Roasted Chicken in a Box for 1
An awesome meal for 1 - herb roasted succulent chicken pieces served with roasted pumpkin slices, slow baked chat potatoes, crunchy French beans, with a baby brioche roll and chicken jus.

$14.90 per box
Min. 4 boxes

NEW Mediterranean Chicken Slider
A herb roasted succulent chicken slider made awesome with roasted pumpkin, local zucchini, mini corn fritters and a sprinkling of sun-dried tomato pieces.

$6.40 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW English Lamb Slider
A slow cooked, pulled lamb slider made awesome with roasted asparagus, slices of radish, potato mash and a rich hearty gravy.

$6.40 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW Sliders in a Box
Slow cooked, pulled lamb sliders or herb roasted succulent chicken sliders made awesome and served in a box!  Choose from The English or The Mediterranean. 

$6.60 per item
Min. 6 items per variety 
12 items per box
Min. 1 box

Hand-made Mini Italian Rolls

A mouth-watering selection of Italian style, hand-made mini bread rolls, including Seeded roll, Olive & Rosemary roll and Mini Ciabatta roll, filled with a variety of gourmet fillings to satisfy your palette including fresh deli meats, seafood and vegetarian.
*Please note: this item must be ordered by 2:45pm 

$4.99 per item
(Receive 1 whole mini roll per item)

6, 7
Item is available for: vegetarian Vegetarian
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