Gluten Free Lunch Box A
Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast, Baby Frittata, Garden Salad

$22.30 per box
(If more than 20 boxes - $20.50)

gluten free

Gluten Free Lunch Box B
Tuna Pasta Salad, Antipasto, Fresh Fruit

$19.50 per box

gluten free

Healthy Breakfast Cups -Muesli (gluten free)

Yummy breakfast cups comprising of fresh vanilla yoghurt and muesli with vanilla yoghurt and mixed berries

$6.90 per item
min. 6 items per variety

gluten free

Orange Clementine - Gluten Free

Moist flourless cake made with whole fresh oranges & ground almonds and topped with candied orange & pistachios for a simple yet fresh dessert experience!  This is a gluten free recipe! 

9 inch - $77.30 each
(25 coffee size portions OR 12 dessert size portions)

12 inch - $89.80 each
(40-50 coffee size portions OR 25 dessert size portions)

gluten free

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll (gluten free)

Available as Vegetarian or Prawn or Chicken - with a combination of fresh vegies, noodles, meats and fresh seafood.  Served with our Signature Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce.

$3.99 per item
(min. 15 items)

gluten free

NEW Caribbean Friand
An exotic taste enriched with fresh orange peel, shredded coconut and coconut syrup.  Topped with nougatine.
Available as Gluten Free upon request @ an extra 0.20 cents per serve.

$4.90 per item
Min. 6 items

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers (gluten free)

Grilled and marinated bite-size chicken pieces assembled on skewers for easy handling

$4.90 per item
(min. 15 items)

gluten free

Petite Fruit Tarts

Pure butter shortbread filled with a creamy custard filling and topped with fresh fruits of the season.  Add freshness and colour to your table with these delightful tarts! (Gluten Free)

$6.99 per item
Min. 6 items

gluten free

NEW Choc Chia Nourish Bar
For a superfood boost try our Choc Chia Nourish Bar, they are filled with goodness - almonds, walnuts, dates, pure cocoa, super chia seeds and coconut!  
These delights are dairy free, egg free & gluten free with no added sugar! 

$8.99 per serve
3 pieces per serve
(Min. 6 serves)

veganvegetariangluten free

NEW Salted Caramel Brownie Bars

Delicious premium brownie topped with gluten free caramel brownie and swirled with caramel, pecans and hazelnuts.  (Gluten Free)

$6.99 per serve
3 pieces per serve

gluten free

NEW Flourless Chocolate Walnut Brownie Bars

This premium quality chocolate brownie bar is filled with dark chocolate and chopped walnuts.  Made without flour, it has a moist, irresistibly fudgy texture. (Gluten free)

$6.99 per serve
3 pieces per serve

gluten free

Salad for one (gluten free)

For the healthy individual.  Choose from:
Chicken Caesar
Tossed Garden

$8.20 per item

gluten free

Chocolate Florentines

A delicious cornflake biscuit with sultanas, cherries and peanuts.  Half dipped into milk chocolate - perfect for any time of day!
Note: This is a gluten free product.

$3.90 per item


gluten free

Gluten Free Executive Points
Traditional point sandwiches made from wheat-free bread with a selection of wheat-free fillings.

$8.55 per round

vegetariangluten free

Gluten Free Club Sandwiches
Rectangular sandwiches without the crust, made from wheat-free bread with wheat-free fillings.

$8.75 per round

vegetariangluten free

NEW Banana Bread - Gluten Free

Scrumptious wheat free banana bread made with fresh bananas.  Moist and delicious!  

$3.99 per slice
15 slices per loaf
Min. 15 slices

gluten free
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