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Cake Slices
An indulgent selection of cake slices to tantalize your taste buds. Mouth-watering assortment may include:
  • Chocolate Mud
  • Sticky Date
  • Gourmet Carrot

$3.90 per item
For Birthday or Celebration cakes, see our Whole Celebration Cakes page.

NEW Assorted Slices & Bars
Try our new selection of assorted Slices & Bars!  Definitely sure to impress the tastebuds.  The assortment may include:
  • Raspberry Apple Crumble
  • Orange Macadamia Slice
  • Chocolate Hedgehog  Slice
  • Caramel Slice

$6.99 per serve
(3 pieces per serve)
(Min. 4 serves)

NEW The Mueslimallow Cupcake
Have it for breakfast, morning tea or afternoon tea!  A gluten free muesli recipe, combined with soy milk, vanilla paste in a cupcake! Festively finished off with a delicate marshmallow!

$3.90 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW The Turkish Delight Cupcake
Yes, you read right - Turkish delight in a cupcake!  Classic rose water and Persian fairy floss make this floral cupcake the perfect partner to your tea!  

$3.90 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW The Bananatella Cupcake
a divine hazelnut chocolate paste against a lightly under-ripe banana in a cupcake! 
(May be available as Gluten Free upon request)

$3.90 per item 
Min. 6 items

NEW Petite Lemon Tarts

Our famous Lemon Tart is a pure butter shortbread crust surrounding our creamy and moreish lemon tart.  Finish with a stunning brulee top!
$6.99 per item
Min. 6 items

NEW The Ottoman Baklava Cupcake
A twist to the traditional baklava!  This cupcake is filled with crushed walnuts and sweetened with honey - a classic Middle Eastern delight turned cupcake!   

$3.90 per item
Min. 6 items

Petite Fruit Tarts

Pure butter shortbread filled with a creamy custard filling and topped with fresh fruits of the season.  Add freshness and colour to your table with these delightful tarts! (Gluten Free)

$6.99 per item
Min. 6 items

gluten free

Housemade Cookies
Delicious any time of the day. Cooked fresh daily. Choose from:
  • Choc. Anzac Cookie
  • Choc. Chip Cookie
  • Choc. Almond Cookie

$3.30 per item

Please note: variety will depend on availability.

NEW Vanilla Creme Slice

Delicate vanilla cream custard between two layers of flaky, buttery puff pastry makes this multi award winning slice simple unforgettable.

$6.99 per serve
3 pieces per serve
(Min. 6 serves)

12, 13
Item is available for: gluten free Gluten Free
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