Where are you located?
We are located at the end of King Street, near the Queen Victoria Market.

What areas do you deliver to?
We service corporate clients all over Victoria.

Do you cater for Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free?
Yes, as indicated, we have a vast array of products on our website which are suited for any dietary requirement.

Must I use the Shopping Cart to place my order?
No, aside from the Shopping Cart you may prefer to use one of the following options (Hint: there is nothing stopping you from using different ways of ordering each time):

Do I need to provide you with advance notice when placing an order?
Our customer service representatives will make every effort to assist you with short notice requests.

What if I need to cancel or postpone my order?
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

How can I set up an account?
Accounts are automatically activated once you place your first order with us. Payment terms are 30 days.

Do you accept Diners, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Corporate Card and most major cards?
Yes, for your convenience, we accept all of the mentioned major credit cards as well as company cheque or cash on delivery. A 4% surcharge only applies to Amex and Diners cards.

Can I set up a direct debit into your bank account?
Yes, simply contact our accounts department for more information.

Is there a minimum dollar amount required for delivery?
The minimum dollar amount that is required within the Central Business District is $40. For outer suburbs, please enquire.

Is there a delivery fee?
Delivery is free of charge as long as the total catering order exceeds $40 within the CBD. For outer suburbs, please enquire.

Are prices inclusive of G.S.T?
Yes, all prices include G.S.T.

Do you have facilities to keep Hot Finger Foods warm for a while?
Yes, we can supply Buffet Warmers, which will keep your Hot Finger Foods warm for up to 3 hours. A minimal charge of $5.50 per buffet applies.

Do you offer equipment and personnel?
Yes, we have an extensive range of catering equipment, as well as silver service, professionally trained staff for waiting and bar service.

What is a 'round'?
A round is a whole sandwich or roll or wrap. 1 round equals 1 whole item and this item is sometimes cut into 2, 3 or 4 pieces. For example, with an Executive Point Sandwich, 1 round = 1 sandwich cut into 4 triangles…hence 1 round = 4 pieces (triangles).

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