You’re personalised boardroom dining experience. Choose one or more meals from each category to create your very own menu combinations. Min 12 persons per selection

Points to consider with a sit down function:
  • Time schedule
  • Number of courses
  • Trestle tables
  • Linen tablecloths
  • Linen Napkins
  • Silver Cutlery
  • China Crockery
  • Glassware
  • Table decorations
  • Theme decorations
  • Buffet warmers / Ovens
  • Waiters / bar staff
  • Utensils
  • Dietary requirements
  • Beverages
  • Coffee/Tea facilities
  • Ice Tubs
  • Serving trays

(Sit Down Function) Salmon on Bruschetta

A mouth-watering French baguette base smothered with cream cheese, then topped with Smoked Salmon, Spanish onion, and fresh cucumber and sprinkled with capers
$3.99 per item
(min. 12 items)

(Sit Down Function) Peking Duck with Hoi Sin
Traditional mini crepes rolled with roasted duck, cucumber & shallot, served with a sweet Hoi Sin sauce.

$3.99 per item
(Min. 12 items)

(Sit Down Function) Vermicelli Wonton Cups
Baby vermicelli nests in a wonton cup, topped with a Thai inspired chicken salad and sprinkled with sesame seeds and chives.

$3.99 per item
(min. 12 items)

(Sit Down Function) Tokyo Rolls

Range includes vegetarian, seafood and chicken

$1.99 per item
(min. 12 items)

vegetariangluten free

(Sit Down Function) Salmon Nigiri

Raw salmon sliced and placed elegantly on top of a bed of short-grain rice.

$3.90 per item
(min. 12 items)

gluten free

(Sit Down Function) Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll
Available as Vegetarian or Prawn or Chicken - with a combination of fresh vegies, noodles, meats and fresh seafood.  Served with our Signature Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce.

$3.99 per item
(min. 12 items)

veganvegetariangluten free


(Sit Down Function) Thai Chicken Pastries

A Thai inspired minced chicken specialty, served delicately inside a shell of puff pastry.  Served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

$4.20 per item
(min. 10 items)


(Sit Down Function) Thai Beef Salad
Authentic spicy Thai beef salad with succulent beef shavings, red chillli, tomato, onion, cucumber, coriander and oak lettuce, sprinkled with spring onion.

$6.75 per serve
(min. 6 serves)

gluten free

(Sit Down Function) Cold Meats with Crackers and Dips
A variety of meats including kabana, Hungarian salami, prosciutto, spicy salami sticks, turkey breast and shaved leg ham accompanied with cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, water crackers and spicy capsicum dip.

$12.90 per serve
(Min. 6 serves)

(Sit Down Function) Cannelloni Napoli
Traditional Italian style vegetarian pasta with spinach, ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes, then topped with an authentic tomato enriched Napolitana sauce. Accompanied by shaved parmesan cheese.

$79.50 per tray
(Serves 6)

(Sit Down Function) Satay Chicken Skewers
Bite-size chicken pieces, grilled on skewers with a tangy peanut satay sauce.

$4.20 per item
(Min. 10 items)

gluten free

(Sit Down Function) Risotto Balls
A rice delicacy with a mouth-watering middle.
  • Cranberry, Chicken & Parmesan
  • Ham, Sun-dried Tomato & Swiss Cheese.
  • Basil, Parmesan & Sun-dried Tomato

$3.99 per item per filling
(Min. 10 items per filling)



(Sit Down Function) Pappardelle Prawn Pasta
Fresh thick pasta swirls, baked in a creamy saffron sauce, topped with luscious fresh prawns.

(Serves 6)

(Sit Down Function) Mustard Thyme Chicken
Juicy chicken breasts crusted in French mustard, dried thyme with a crushed Ciabatta & garlic filling topped with a creamy mustard & white wine sauce. Accompanied by a delightful roasted potato salad.

(Serves 6)

(Sit Down Function) Sage & Lemon Seared Salmon
Seared salmon fillets in a sage and lemon coating, served on potato & fennel bases and then finished with a tangy lemon & tarragon sauce. Accompanied by seasoned fresh vegetables.

(Serves 6)

(Sit Down Function) Moroccan Lamb Shanks
Tender shanks braised gently and finished with slices of sweet potato and chickpeas. Accompanied by a green olive & almond couscous. 

(Serves 6)


(Sit Down Function) Mini Profiteroles

Mouth-watering petite pastries filled with patisserie cream

$3.95 per item

(Sit Down Function) Traditional Fruit Platter
A stunning selection of seasonal fruit brought together to inspire healthy eating at all times of the day. Accompanied by fruit yoghurt dip.

$6.80 per serve
(Min. 4 serves)

Item is available for: vegan Vegan vegetarian Vegetarian gluten free Gluten Free
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